Monday, June 13, 2011

Couple More...

The Peach Keeper
By Sarah Addison Allen
Bantam Books, 2011. 273 pgs.

This was a really great, quick summer read. Willa Jackson's life is upturned as her old family home is restored to its previous glory. The renovation stirs up old ghosts and better yet, old skeletons. Willa's attempts to distance herself from her family's past as well as her own is made impossible, especially when old high school friends turn up. She and an odd and somewhat unwilling group of high school classmates are thrown together and forced to face their pasts as well as their futures.

This isn't a squeekly clean read, but it was fun with a little romance, a little mystery, and a little invitation to join the book's characters in deciding if the years between your high school graduation and now were spent becoming more or less the true you.

Dead Reckoning
By Charlaine Harris
Ace Books, 2011. 325 pgs.

I'm really just posting this because I feel a need to have full disclosure. I'd hate to think I was lieing to anyone about the garbage I sometimes read. I swore I wouldn't continue with this series after the last one, which was just dumb! But, I totally caved and fortunatel, Dead Reckoning was actually better than #10, though nowhere near as good as the first 5 or 6. I'm afriad I can't recommend any of them since the poor plot development after book 7 or 8 just doesn't make up for how much fun those first few are. The series really doesn't have many, if any, redeaming qualities....except that I love Eric...darn it all!

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Mary Ann said...

I'm seriously feeling really tired just thinking about all the reading you do.