Friday, October 28, 2011

I don't know exactly how...but my life just changed...

Yesterday I was listening to a book on CD called "The Social Animal" (it's been very good, so far I highly recommend it). It's all about humans and our behaviors, etc. It is filled with many interesting little tidbits of information, which I obviously love. But yesterday I heard something that seriously challenged my whole understanding of my lack of a dating life.

Get this...they did this study where they had a bunch of men go on a hike and made them cross a rickety old bridge that was questionably safe. Right after they crossed, a young woman came to them and asked them some questions and then, on the pretext of them having additional questions about the survey, gave them her telephone number. They also had the young woman do the same thing to a group of men who had not just crossed a freaky bridge.

So, only about (I don't remember the exact number) 30% of men who hadn't crossed the bridge called the girl within a week of getting her number. 65% of the men who had crossed the bridge and were all high on adrenaline called her back.

Do you know what this means?? They found that the men's subconscious minds confused interest in the girl with the rush of adrenaline they felt after almost dying!!

I have always wanted to go sky diving and all of the sudden I have a really good reason to do it. I just need to make sure some desirable guy is there jumping with me....then I introduce myself and boom....he thinks I'm exciting! Then he can hopefully stay confused long enough to actually get to know me and see that I'm not the worst option out there!! It's a foolproof plan!! that may not work. But I am certainly going to look into more extreme sports or activities in which to participate. Obviously, this will require some more thought... And why didn't I know about this before I went on a trip to California and spent a whole day on roller coasters??!! I didn't hit on a single man while I was there!!